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A modern country sound with echoes of the past...”

Country Music People Magazine – UK

He's wonderful, he's really good…”

Kristian Bush – Sugarland.


"If there’s a writer from this side of the pond capable of a career as a tunesmith on Music Row Gary Quinn is it…” Duncan Warwick - Editor of Country Music People

Gary Quinn, is an artist whose musical journey has seamlessly bridged his Northern Irish roots with the heart of Nashville's vibrant sound. Originally from the enchanting town of Omagh, the 8 time BCMA Awards winner has evolved into a dynamic force in country music, weaving a musical journey influenced by his father's Kris Kristofferson tapes and the lively family gatherings in his mother's homestead. Now residing in Manchester, England, Gary's artistry is marked not only by his country roots but also by an ever-adapting contemporary sound that resonates globally.

With a neo-traditional country sound, reminiscent of artists like Chris Young, Mo Pitney, and Cody Johnson, Gary Quinn has secured numerous UK number ones on the country charts, showcasing his undeniable impact on the country music scene. His music, infused with authenticity and a modern flair, has earned him coveted spots on Spotify (Wild Country, Next From Nashville, Fresh Country Finds, Nashville Stripped) and Apple Music (Today's Country, Country Wide, New in Country) playlists, reaching diverse and expansive audiences.

Apple Music's Ty Bentli and Country Line Radio have emerged as staunch supporters, championing Gary music and contributing to his rising prominence. With plays on influential playlists and the backing of key figures in the industry, his trajectory in the contemporary country scene is indicative of his musical prowess.

Beyond the recording studio, Quinn is a dynamic performer, captivating audiences with his magnetic stage presence. Whether headlining major festivals or intimate venues, his live performances embody the soulful spirit of country music, creating an immersive experience for fans. He has shared the stage with country music luminaries, touring alongside the likes of Phil Vassar, William Michael Morgan, Lewis Brice and Sunny Sweeny. These experiences have not only enriched his musical journey but also underscored his versatility and ability to connect with audiences across the spectrum of country music.

Gary's international ventures have seen him play iconic Nashville venues The Bluebird Café and The Stage on Broadway as well as make waves at major events, including the Nashville CMA Fest, Tamworth Country Music Festival (Australia), and C2C London and Berlin. Tours in Denmark, coupled with an increased presence in Northern Ireland, have reinforced his standing as a global ambassador for UK country music.

In addition to his achievements as an artist, Gary is actively involved in nurturing talent in the UK. Drawing on his experiences writing in Nashville with acclaimed songwriters like Brett James, Russell Sutton, and Steve Wariner, Gary channels this wealth of knowledge to support up-and-coming artists in the UK. His dedication to mentoring and collaboration has become a driving force in the growth of the country music community.

Furthermore, Gary is the co-founder of two prominent country festivals – Buckle & Boots in Manchester and Country on the Clyde in Glasgow. These festivals stand as testament to his commitment to fostering the country music scene in the UK, providing platforms for artists to showcase their talents and bringing the community together.

As the Northern Irishman continues to break barriers and redefine the contours of UK country music, his story is one of unwavering dedication, innovation, and a deep-rooted love for the genre. From Omagh to Nashville via Manchester, his journey echoes the resilience and adaptability that characterize his contemporary country sound, securing his place as a leading figure in the ever-evolving landscape of country music.

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